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Published Feb 11, 21
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Best Online Transcription Services Review And Comparison

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Once you’re accepted, you can choose an assignment from the Available Jobs list. Transcription jobs are bonus-based. This means that your pay rate depends on the grade that your submitted work received. For example, work graded 5 gets the base pay amount while the highest grade, 9, gets a total of 3x the base pay amount.

03 to $0. 20 per media minute with additional bonus ratesPaid through Work Market, from there withdraw funds via bank electronic transfer, Paypal, or WM Visa CardNo experience neededMedium CrowdSurf specializes in creating captions for education, entertainment, and business videos to help the hearing-impaired and second language viewerst. The videos are divided into 5 to 30-second clips to make the task easier to distribute among different transcriptionists.

In less than 5 days, you get an email with the login instructions. The pay is relatively low and there is sometimes not enough work to do. Maintaining an average quality control (QC) score of 3. 5 and a 900 qualification standing are also necessary to stay employed. On the bright side, reviews say that the video clips are interesting and fun to caption.

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Dollar Wire Transfer, Instant Pay, PayPal, Payoneer, and M-PesaNo experience neededHigh Upwork is the largest freelancer marketplace in the world with 3 million jobs posted annually in various fields including transcriptioning and captioning. There’s no base rate and it’s all about what you and your client agree on. Of course, more experienced transcriptionists will be able to charge higher rates.

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At least $0. 005 per word transcribedWeekly via PayPalNo experience needed, US residents onlyMedium Tigerfish doesn’t require experience but they . You also need to have a telephone number where they can contact you, a Window-based PC, and, once you get accepted, a copy of PowerPlay which costs $229. You’ll have to invest and stay with Tigerfish for a while to recoup your losses ((⇨ learn more about online transcription)).

The company pays per word transcribed so the faster you work, the more that you earn. Typing bursts aside, let’s say you have an average typing speed of 50 wpm. This means that you can earn about $15 per hour. That’s quite a good rate for beginners. $0. 45 to $1.

People who’ve worked with the company also say that most of the audio they have are of good quality so that’s a big plus. Beginners are welcome to apply but you need to have a good command of the English language since their language test and 68 minutes of transcription test are one of the toughest in the industry.

These jobs tend to pay more, or have more availability due to the higher barrier of entry. $0. 005 per word with 10% bonus for some shiftsTwice a month by direct deposit or checkAt least 60 wpm, US and Canada residents only, 1 year experience minimum, must have foot pedalHigh SpeakWrite is constantly looking for general transcriptionists with .

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Aside from having previous transcribing experience, candidates should also have a minimum typing speed of 60 wpm with at least 90% accuracy. Once you’ve passed, you need to have a foot pedal to accept work. You can also choose your own shifts but you must work a minimum of 15 hours per month to stay employed.

According to feedback from people who have worked with them before, you can get paid anywhere from $10 to $30 per working hour. The job is a little different as well compared to other companies. With 3Play Media, you get video files that have already been transcribed by their speech recognition software.

$0. 84 to $2. 98 per audio minuteInvoice processed within a week, paid via PayPal or bank transferWith experience preferred but not requiredMedium Transcript Divas is a great choice for transcribers that are looking for a flexible schedule and good pay. According to the company, their aim is to pay more than the average rate for transcriptionists in the USA.

The Glassdoor and forum reviews are mostly positive except for their payment schedule which sometimes get delayed by a few days. $0. 00588 per word for legal and $0. 00695 per word for medical transcriptionEvery two weeks US residents only, at least 1 year experience, foot pedal recommendedMedium You can apply for three different positions – general, medical, and legal transcriptionists.

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They don’t have their rates posted on their website but a person who used to work for them mentioned the indicated rates above. So, if you have an average typing speed of 40 wpm, you can earn about $14. 11 per hour doing legal transcriptions and $16. 68 per hour for medical ones.

0025 per word, medical transcription = 0. 0050 per word; iDictate = at least 0. 0050 per wordWeekly via PayPalExperience required, $20 for background checkMedium With Quicktate, you’ll be asked to transcribe audio files that are less than 5 minutes long. These are usually memos, letters, and voicemails. Meanwhile, iDictate is for longer audio files like lectures, podcasts, and conference calls.

You’ll also have to pay $20 for the background check. A copy of Express Scribe Pro which costs $70 is a must as well. $0. 03 per lineWeekly via PayPalMust be a transcription training program graduate or have at least 2 years work experienceHigh Athreon has been offering general and medical transcription services in the US and Canada since 1988.

In fact, they require their employees to do at least 500 lines daily, 5 days a week. To qualify, you need to be a high school graduate or GED recipient with a certificate from a transcription training program. If you don’t have formal training, 2 years of relevant experience is a must.

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$60 per audio hour for English, $150 per audio hour for foreign languageWeekly by checkNo experience needed, at least 75 wpmMedium Most of the projects that Audio Transcription Center accept are for archives that will become historical records (online transcription). This is why they require typing skills of at least 75 wpm with 98% accuracy.

Reviews describe the work they offer as interesting and varied. Meanwhile, the management is organized and supportive. On the downside, there are sometimes not enough work to do. $1. 00 per audio minute for normal files, and $1. 50 per audio minute for rush jobsPayPalAt least 2 years experienceMedium Averbach Transcription is one of the highest paying companies on our list.

50 fee for non-American accents or background noise. If you want a strict verbatim transcript or other custom formatting that will cost $0. 50 – $1. 00 extra, per minute. Poor audio quality can cost an extra $0. 50 to $2. 00. Compared to some services, you might end up spending more, but there is a significant amount of flexibility.

GMR is a US-based transcription company, founded in 2004. They primarily offer human transcription services. However, they offer editing, proofreading, and translation services, along with a speech to text app called Easy2Transcribe that they support for free. For their human service, they make a 99% accuracy guarantee. Their human transcription services operate on a number of different pricing options. online transcription.

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25 per minute of recorded audio. Their ‘standard’ service is $1. 50 for a 3-5 days turnaround. Fees continue to rise for increasingly quick delivery until you reach £3. 50 per minute for same day turnaround. (⇨ guide to audio transcripts). Difficult audio quality triggers an additional $0. 50 per minute of audio. More than two speakers will cost you between $0.

50 depending on the turnaround. Time codes, detailed verbatim or corrected grammar will also cost you an extra $0. 50 each. GMR fees are slightly higher than other companies. However, they offer access to transcribers located solely in the US. They stress that this adds to the quality of output, security of your data and the delivery of customer service.

Fundamentally, their pricing scheme makes their services better suited for projects with flexible delivery times. (⇨ visit Way With Words). TranscribeMe is able to get large jobs done quickly. Like a few other services, they offer both automated and human-based capabilities, ranging in starting prices of $0. 10 to $2 per minute of recorded audio.

This is a somewhat unique service that trades accuracy for speed and cost savings. These transcripts are not edited, and come with an ‘approximately 98%’ accuracy guarantee. However, this gets you a starting rate of £0. 79 per minute of audio for guaranteed 1-day delivery, regardless of the project size.

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For their ‘rough’ draft service, this how they can make their ‘included’ 24-hour guarantee. For all other transcription types, this micro-task service will cost extra, and the guaranteed turnaround time is extended to 48-hours. Their fees then scale up on a large number of variables, including the technical nature of the recording, the number of speakers, timestamps and the type of transcript.

TranscribeMe provides a handy ‘build your own quote’ engine in which you can input all of your specifics. TypeOut is a UK based company founded in 2008 to help inventory clerks in the letting industry. They have since expanded to service clients across the world. They pride themselves on customer service, claiming to answer all incoming phone calls in person.

TypeOut will match clients with transcriptionists with industry experience and use high standard encryption to store and share material. This high attention to quality and security is complemented by relatively cheap starting fees. Their standard turnaround is 2-4 days, ranging in price from £1. 20 per audio minute to £1.

You can get a price break starting as low as £1. 05 per minute if you are willing to wait 3-5 days for your transcript. Their ‘express service’ (24-48 hours) ranges from £1. 35 to £2. 05 per minute of audio. Like most services, they levy additional fees for verbatim transcripts, poor audio quality and storing accents.